Skamol improves indoor climates with top quality, specialty insulation systems for more efficient and sustainable heating.


The Ultimate Refractory Panels Made of Lightweight Vermiculite

High Quality

Superior Insulation & High Thermal Shock Resistance

Non-Irritant & Odorless

No Ceramic Fibers or Dusting

Easy to Work With

Easily Cuts with Standard Wood Working Tools

High Quality Refractory Panels

Skamol Refractory Panels are used as a replacement refractory panels for your fireplace. Skamol Refractory Panels are an attractive, factory-built panel replacement option that is easy to work with and features an appealing three dimensional appearance. Using only ordinary wood working tools, Skamol Refractory panels are extremely easy to fit, and install!

A Multitude of Design Possibilities

High Temperature Resistance

Low Heat Accumulation in Lining Materials

Good Thermal Shock Resistance

High Mechanical Strength

Good Insulation Capacity Provides Better Combustion & Cleaner Waste Gas

More About Skamol

Installation Instructions

  • Before installing these Skamol Refractory Panels, inspect the firebox to ensure that all internal mounting surfaces are flat. Skamol Refractory Panels cannot be installed when the mounting surfaces are concave, convex or have any type of internal standoffs, which can cause future stress cracks.
  • Skamol Refractory Panels will expand and contract as temperatures inside the fireplace increase or decrease. It is important to incorporate a necessary allotment when installing new panels. The installation must take place in a way that allows Skamol Refractory Panels to freely expand and contract. As an example, at 1600° F Skamol Refractory Panels will expand 1 – 1.2%.
  • Do not use screws or adhesive to fasten Skamol Refractory Panels in place, use ‘Z’ clips, located at top of the panel.