Crown Safe

Crown Safe is the ideal choice for water intrusion protection and is specially formulated to perform in the most severe weather conditions.

One Step Process!

No Primers or Pre-Coats Required


Applies In Extreme Weather Conditions & Temperatures

Avoid Costly Return Trips

Fibered For Strength to Resist Cracking & Peeling

The Best on the Market

Conveniently Sized & Better Product Coverage Than Competitors


Limited Lifetime Warranty Available

Finishes Clear

Crown Safe is a high-performing, brushable, fibered elastic sealant, with rubber-like flexibility and clear finish designed to stop water intrusion into masonry chimney crowns, roofs, and various other building substrates. Preferred by service professionals, Crown Safe finishes clear, and applies under any weather condition! Get the job done right, the first time with Crown Safe’s simple, one-step application process and stop the costly return visits. Crown Safe is the ideal choice for water intrusion protection and is specially formulated to perform under the most severe weather conditions!

Simple, one-step application.

Superior adhesions & clear finish.

Applies in extreme weather conditions and temperatures.

Fibered for strength to resist cracking and peeling.

Conveniently sized containers.

No costly return visits.

Applies to various types of surfaces.

Limited lifetime warranty.

Crown Safe Can Protect

  • Masonry chimney crowns
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Concrete
  • Slate & tile shingles
  • Steel
  • Vinyl
  • and more!

Installation Instructions

Please read the complete Installation Instructions for Crown Safe which are included on each container’s label. Contact local building or fire officials about restrictions and application inspection in your area prior to application. Use of these materials other than as specified in this manufacturer’s Product Data & Installation Instructions is prohibited. Application of Crown Safe brushable sealant should be performed by a qualified contracting professional. For additional questions please contact U.S. Fireplace Products, Inc. or your distributor.

Area Preparation: For best results, areas to be sealed should be cleaned of loose debris, and standing water. Moderate amounts of dampness will not interfere with adhesion. For maximum adhesion to dirty, or heavily oiled surfaces, areas to be sealed should be wiped with a solvent based cleaner and allowed to dry. It is recommended to “tape off” application areas to prevent product “spillage”, but not required.

  • Step 1: Apply Crown Safe coating with brush, trowel, or putty knife, applying slowly into seams and cracks using crisscross, “paint-like” strokes. Apply at rate of 1/16” to 1/8” per coat. Do not thin coating.
  • Step 2: Allow twenty-four (24) hours to cure. Inspect and recoat, if necessary. Paint after five (5) days, if desired.