Resources for Chimney Sweeps and Hearth Professionals


How many times have you said to yourself I wish someone would have told me that or I sure wish I could have someone to ask about that? If youve said this you are in luck! Part of the beauty of todays electronic age is that you now have instant communication with people who have been in business for decades. Being connected with people all over the country also gives you perspectives on unique business challenges and the solutions the business owner developed. Not sure what Im talking about? Im talking about chat lists and chimney sweep associations/guilds.

The National Chimney Sweep Guild not only provides you with a wealth of decades of knowledge and experience but also a chance to network with other business owners from sweeps to masons to retail stores. Have a question? As a member, you can callor present your question on their chat list. To learn more about the Guild and getting on the chat list click here.

CHIMNEYS-L referred to as chimneys list is another source where you can ask questions of other business owners. It has been around for quite some time and is also a popular online sweeps hangout. Lots of valuable information has been shared through this list. For more information click here.

Your state and regional guilds are also a wealth of knowledge. You can get opinions from people who most likely faced the same challenges but many sweep companies help each other out sometimes working together on challenging jobs. For a listing of state/regional guilds, click here. For a schedule of upcoming industry events click here.

I predict that the evolution of our industry, which has taken decades, will rapidly continue to grow with the advent of the electronic age. Communication is easy, quick and instantaneous. If you arent taking advantage of this phenomenon, you are getting left behind. Check into it today!

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