A Christmas Story


I heard an amazing story the other day. A young man was dating a gal around 14 years old. He was about the same age. It was an exciting time. They cherished each others company, did fun things together and were growing closer by the day. They were in love, they even talked about getting married. Then suddenly his girlfriend came to him and told him she was pregnant. This young man had never “known” his girlfriend. What was he to think? He questioned her. She told him that she had a dream, and God spoke to her, explaining the situation.

Imagine that. By now you probably recognize the story. If you were in the shoes of Joseph what would you do? Would you have faith to believe? He did.


Whatever your beliefs may be, I hope this story of faith reminds you that we can trust, love and have faith even while living in todays world.

Have a Blessed Christmas from all of us at Lindemann Chimney.

2010 Lindemann Chimney Supply

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