What would you do?


Joethanks the homeowner and leaves through the front door. The tools are packed. This was the hardest job of the day. It’s 5:30 and the office just called. Mrs. Smith has an emergency – her fireplace is smoking – and they want him tohelp her. Last year Mrs. Smith hired the$30 sweep because she didn’t want to pay for Joe’s expertise. Now the $30 sweep is out of business. Big surprise. How do you think Joe will handle this situation? After all, Mrs. Smith hung up on him last year when she was quoted $195 for a cleaning and inspection.


Handling situations with grace and patience isn’t always easy. Especially when it’s busy enough to pick and choose your jobs. And, it’s at the end of a very long day. With a challenging customer. What would you do?

By helping Mrs. Smithand solving her problem, Joewill be doing a good turn and promoting his company. In fact,he has just become the solution to the problem. Do you think Mrs. Smith is going to talk about this? YOU BET! Joe will be the hero that can solve allher problems.

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