What I Did Last Summer


When fall rolls around and the kids are back in school they are often asked to write a paper on what they did that summer. How would you want your paper to read?

A Time for Learning…

Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of educational opportunities as well as networking with fellow sweeps and business owners. The price of education is immeasureable. It’s like a sling-shot that puts you way ahead of your competition. Instead think of one paragraph topic as “I learned about a new service and implemented it to my business. It will add $1000 a month to the bottom line”.


A Time to Plan…

Is your maintenance on your truck and tools completed? Do you have extra motor brushes for your vac? Have you ever changed them? (If not they most likely need changed). There’s no time to plan in the fall so make your busy season life easier right now and plan to take care of all preventative maintenance and office reorganization right now. Think of this paragraph as “I jumped ahead of my competition because I planned and executed measures to prepare me way ahead of anyone else”.

A Time to Teach…

How prepared are your office staff to handle problems? Have you empowered your sweep team/assistants/officepersonelto handle issues so some of those little “pressure bombs” are taken off of your shoulders during the busy season? “I taught and if felt good – people love being empowered”…

Educational Training

A Time to Evaluate…

What are your goals for fall? Where were you last year? Where do you want to be? Involve your staff in this process. If they don’t know where you are going how will the help you get there? “We are all targeted to pursue our goal to take our business to the next level”.

A Time to Play…

Take a really nice vacation with your family. It will sustain you in the months ahead. It doesn’t have to be an exotic location. Particularly with children. Waterparks, camping, adventure parks, just any where that you can get your mind off your business and connect with your family. “I had a really nice time connecting with my spouse and children. We set mini goals to reconnect even in the busy season”.


When next fall rolls around your paper could look like this: “I learned about a new service and implemented it to my business. It adds $1000 a month fo the bottom line. I jumped ahead of my competition with the planning and executed measure that prepared me to far surpass my competition. I taught my employees and they feel good about themselves and their work. It’s a relief to know that I won’t have a lot of unexpected unpleasant surprises next fall. Everyone is on board and targeted to take our business to the next level. Most importantly, I had a great time with my family. We made some great memories that will help sustain me through the busy days of autumn. To maintain this strong bond we will continue to have “mini” vacations and days where we devote the entire time to each other.”

What will your answer be when someone asks what you did last summer?

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