Vacu-Stacks: A solution to wind related down drafts


Here at Lindemann Chimney Supply we carry a great solution for wind related down-drafts that can cause smoking fireplaces or woodstoves when the conditions are right. The Vacu-Stack, manufactured by ICP, has been made in the United States for over three decades. Constructed of 26-gauge, 304 stainless steel, it eliminates wind-related backpuffing problems. Obstacles such as large trees or buildings can deflect wind down the flue pushing smoke into the home. When the wind hits the Vacu-Stack, the draft is increased in proportion to the wind speed. A Bird Screen is also available.

vacustack(1)Masonry Adaptor(1)

Regular Vacu-Stack and optional Masonry Adapter

If your customer has a masonry flue a Masonry Adapter is available to adapt the Vacu-Stack.

The Vacu-Stack TDW for air-cooled pipe, below,is a universal air-cooled replacement cap. Itfeatures two collars that allows air between the inner and outer wall of the pipe to circulate, yet prevents moisture from entering.


Both caps come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Bird Screens are also available for both caps.

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