Tips for painting a woodstove and stovepipe


At Lindemann Chimney Supply, we like to pass on helpful information to you. If your customers has a woodstove or stovepipe that needs painted, whether it’s to give it a facelift or whether it’s a total room makeover, here are some painting tips we want to share with you:


  • Stove paint will only stick to what is on the stove (grease, dirt, graphite, oil, rustetc) so make sure the stove is clean before painting.
  • If the stove has been painted more than 2 times the old paint will have to be removed before repainting.
  • Too much paint will result in peeling of paint or paint that comes off like shattered glass or in thin strips. If it comes off in large patches it’s usually due to a dirty surface.
  • Two light coats of paint are better than one thick coat.
  • Make sure the paint is well mixed before using with spray cans needing shaken for at least 2 minutes.
  • An average stove uses 2 cans of paint.
  • Spray paint from about 12″ away. Too close and the paint could run and pool. Too far away and it will “dry spray”.
  • After spraying turn the can upside down to empty the spray tip of paint for storage.
  • The paint should be allowed to fully air dry first.
  • Then the paint should be cured with heating of the stove at lower temperatures.
  • It will smell and could smoke
  • Open windows before firing the stove and make sure the area is fully ventilated.

Always follow the instructions on the paint can. Each paint manufacturer’s instructions can vary and may have different specifications andrequirements than those listed above.

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