The Energy Top Damper – A Great Way to Save!


The Energy Top Damper is a great way to save your customer money. Its easy to install and provides huge savings on energy dollars. In fact, they usually recoup the cost within 1-3 years. Its a win-win situation. The Energy Top has a soft, pliable rubber gasket seal much like the seal on a refrigerator.

Energy Top

It is attached to the frame and actually compresses and conforms to the lid, forming a strong flexible barrier to the outside elements. No other damper on the market has this type of seal. Other dampers either don’t have a gasket or have a flat rubber gasket. With the Energy Top gasket, keeping heated or cooled paid air in is now easier and more efficient than ever.

The Energy Top includes installation instructions, mounting adhesive, 30′ cable, firebox mounting bracket, handle and hardware. U.S. Fireplace Products is proud of the Energy Top Damper and insists on guaranteeing it with a Lifetime Warranty. Give it a try! You will be doing your customer a huge favor by saving them money while also making a difference in our environment!

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