Shortcut for Installing Pipe


What’s the best shortcut to use when installing pipe? If you are going to install pipe, be sure to use this Auto Laser Centering device. It makes installingfactory-built pipe, B-Vent,pellet ventand Direct Ventinstallations a breeze. Simply insertthe correct collar sizeinto the stove collar using the appropriate adapter andturn on the laser.


Centerthe red laser markon the ceiling. No more hassling with plumb bobs to get the center line figured out. Collar sizes available are 4″, 6″ and 8″ diameters. The 4″ works great for 4″ X 6 5/8″ direct vent pipe, pellet pipe or B-vent pipe.

So take some extra time and stress off your next installation. The Auto Laser Centering Device will pay for itself and you will ask yourself how you got along without it!

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