Saving Your Customer Energy Dollars


Here at Lindemann Chimney Supply we like to help you help your customer. If your customer has a fireplace the best way to save them energy dollars is to install a tight sealing chimney top damper. A tight sealing damper will seal in air-conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter. It will also minimize or eliminate cold or warm damp air from being pushed or pulled down the fireplace and into the room.

The following dampers have a superior seal to anything available in the industry.

Energy Top Gasket

The Energy Top Damper has a refrigerator type seal (above). No other damper has this type of seal. When it is closed it conforms to the lid creating a rubber tight seal.


The Energy Top+ (above) also has the same seal but includes a chimney cover. This stainless steel chimney cover deters animals as well as helping provide spark protection.


The Sealtight Damper (above)provides a high tech 2 part gasket that is more effective and seals a greater area than similar dampers on the market.


The Top Damper (above)features a rubber gasket seal. This damper has stronger springs than similar competitive dampers. It also doesn’t require a fire safety device like similarly constructed dampers.

We’ve got you covered! You can be a hero by saving your customer in “paid” energy dollars! Pleasecontact us today for more information.

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