Repairing Leaky Chimney Flashing


With spring comes warmth, green grass and rain. For a chimney with leaking flashing this spells trouble. Removing chimney flashing and replacing it with new flashing is a pretty major deal. It includes loosening the shingles next to the chimney, cutting and fitting new flashing and can take quite a while to do. Fortunately, theres FlashSeal.


FlashSeal is a quick, effective and profitable flashing repair system that stops leaks from faulty or deteriorated flashing around chimneys, stacks and vents. First evaluate any existing coatings. If you apply FlashSeal over a coating the adhesion to the chimney will only be as good as the adhesion of the current coating. If in doubt, its a good idea to remove the existing coating.


Paint on 1/8 of FlashSeal and then place the reinforcement fabric over this base coat. Then apply a 1/8 coat over the fabric and youre finished. One gallon of FlashSeal covers 28 linear feet. FlashSeal is available in white, brown and black. The reinforcement Fabric is sold separately and is available in a 6 X 150 foot roll. FlashSeal includes a seven year warranty when used as directed. Brochures are also available to help you sell the job.


Installation tip: Lay down a line or two of duct tape around the chimney. When you are finished, simply lift the tape, as in the photo above,to have clean, finished edges.

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