Products for Repairing Chimney Leaks


At Lindemann Chimney Supply we know that leaky Chimneys really show themselves in the spring with the increased rainfall amounts. In fact they even carry a guarantee.

Chimney Caps/Top Sealing Dampers are a great way to seal out rain, snow and other types of moisture. A chimney without a cap is like a very large open rain gauge. Caps and chimney top dampers also minimize the intrusion of animals, entry of debris and may have the option of controlling sparks. A chimney top damper, like the Energy Top Plus, also seals in “paid” heated air and air-conditioning that may otherwise escape up your customer’s fireplace flue.


Energy Top Plus

FlashSeal is an effective flashing system that prevents the entry of moisture around leaking flashing. This can prevevnt the removal and repair of the existing flashing saving your customer hundreds.

CrownSeal, CrownCoat and CrownSaver are all effective solutions in sealing the chimney crown. Which product you use depends on the severity of the damage. CrownCoat is an excellent coating when there are hairline cracks or a flexible waterproof membrane is desired. CrownSeal is for thicker cracks and is again a flexible waterproof membrane.CrownSaver is for larger damage areas. It also includes FormFoil which can be applied previous to the CrownSaver to provide a bond break. It also provides waterproof coverage.

ChimneySaver Water-Based Brick Treated With ChimneySaver

ChimneySaver and BrickAfter Application

ChimnneySaver is an excellent solution to chimneys with soft mortar and/or soft brick. It penetrates about 1/4″ and while it prevents water entry it still allows the chimney to breathe. It is much more cost-effective than repairing the damage caused by freeze/thaw and damaged walls, framing, etc., in the long run.


Ventinox Chimney Liner

One last situation where a chimney may have appeared to leak is when white efflourescence stains the side/area of the chimney where a gas appliance is venting. This is common with “orphaned” water heaters (after installation of a mecahnical vented furnace the water heater is left to vent out the flue by itself) or when a new furnace is vented into the flue but no liner was provided.Every cubic foot of gas burned produces about a cubic foot of water vapor. If this cools too quickly before exiting the flue it can cause damaged wall paper, framing, leaks in the ceiling, white efflourescence stains on the chimney and damage to the chimney. A properly sized chimney liner would be the solution to this problem.

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