Preventing Chimney Leaks – Crown Repairs


At Lindemann Chimney Supply we have a variety of products to assist you in repairing your customer’s leaky chimney crown.

For minor cracks and to protect the chimney crown from further damage, we have CrownCoat. CrownCoat is a premixed, ready to use, quick dry crown protection coating. It can be used wherever a lasting waterproof membrane is needed. Just fill larger cracks and voids with patching cement or high quality caulk, then apply two coats of CrownCoat using a 3″ or 4″ paint brush (not included). First apply a thin coat, then follow with a heavier top coat. It cures completely in 2 4 hours and covers about 40 square feet per gallon. It may be colored using standard mortar dye and is sold in 2- and 5-gallon pails. It carries a 15-year warranty.


Another great option is CrownSeal. It is a ready-to-use trowel grade elastomeric coating that forms a flexible waterproof membrane. It may used on other masonry such as chimney corbels, tops of masonry walls and where a flexible waterproof membrane is needed. Drying time is 6 hours, curing time about 24 hours to a natural concrete/mortar color (or you can use mortar dyes). Available in 2- and 5-gallon pails (about 20 square feet at 1/8″ thickness). It carries a ten-year warranty.


For more advanced damage, CrownSaver is just the ticket.Developed in the early 80s it is still a preferred system among sweeps. Its a blend of polymer modified hydraulic cements and powdered water repellents. To apply, first cover the crown with FormFoil, a sticky, rubber backed, aluminum foil flashing (sold separately). Then mix one scoop of CrownSaver with three scoops of clean, fine masons sand and water. Trowel over the crown at about 1/2″ thickness (1/4″ to 2″ maximum). Sold in 28-pound pails, coverage averages about 30 square feet at 1/2″ thickness. Warranted for ten years.


Be sure to always inform your customer of crown damage. Leaving a leaky or damaged chimney crown untouched is like having a crack in their roof. Water will continue to find it’s way into the chimney leading to more chimney errosion and deterioration. Prevent future damage by repairing their crown.

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