• The Energy Top Damper – A Great Way to Save!

    The Energy Top Damper is a great way to save your customer money. Its easy to install and provides huge savings on energy dollars. In fact, they usually recoup the cost within 1-3 years. Its a win-win situation. The Energy Top has a soft, pliable rubber gasket seal much like the seal on a refrigerator.It is attached to the frame and actually compresses and conforms to the lid, forming a strong flexible barrier to the outside elements. No other damper on the market has this type of seal. Other dampers either dont have a gasket or have a flat rubber gasket. With the Energy Top gasket, keeping heated or cooled paid air in is now easier and more efficient than ever. The Energy Top includes installation instructions, mounting adhesive, 30' ca…

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  • Top Sealing Chimney Dampers and Bees

    At Lindemann Chimney Supply we like to keep you informed of interesting industry related events. I recently came across this link where the queen bee flew down a fireplace flue and into the house. Of course the hive followed her.An Energy Top Damper would have prevented a situation like this. Here's just another reason for your customer to purchase an Energy Top from you. Click here to see this article and video.…

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  • Expect the Unexpected with Ladders

    At Lindemann Chimney Supply we like to pass along tips to chimney sweeps and hearth professionals. A friend of mine decided to check his gutters because of the recent heavy rains we've had. He has an office job and his knowledge with ladders is somewhat limited. To make a long story short, he took a tumble off of a step ladder last night and spent three hours in the emergency room. Fortunately he didn't break his leg but ended up with a puncture wound in his leg and numerous cuts. He's off work for a few days as he recuperates. Here are some reminder tips for working with ladders.Never put a ladder on soft ground, only on solid stable ground. Just because a ladder boasts a "premium" label doesn't mean it's the right ladder. Check the label…

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  • Enervex Smart Car Winner

    John Lovelace Wins Enervex Smart Car Grand Prize Roswell, Ga., June 10, 2011 - John Lovelace, Lovelace Brick Contractor LLC, Richmond, Virginia, is the official grand prize winner of the ENERVEX Smart Car Sweepstakes. He was selected the winner out of thousands of entries across the country.The sweepstakes began January 1 and ended April 30 and was part of a nationwide advertising campaign to highlight the company name change from EXHAUSTO to ENERVEX. The energy-efficient smart car grand prize was chosen to emphasize ENERVEXs ongoing commitment to green technology and sustainability. The smart car was on display at the Ashrae trade show in Las Vegas and the HPBExpo in Salt Lake City earlier this year. The name change to ENERVEX was desi…

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  • Are you taking advantage of free publicity?

    The Chimney Sweep and Hearth Industries have worked long and hard to create media exposure and customer awareness. The internet is like a gold mine with stories abounding about the need for chimney sweeping, woodstove change-outs, energy tax credits and more. Back in the eighties and even the nineties it was hard to convince people of the need for chimney sweeping. When people thought of chimney sweeps they thought of Dick VanDyke in Mary Poppins dancing on rooftops. It has taken time to replace that image with one of technical and code expertise.Thankfully, today you can find a lot of credible information on the net. Take advantage if them. If there is a website article from a trusted resource about chimney cleaning, create a hyperlink. Is …

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