Never Assume


Never assume your customer knows what they are doing when having a fireplace or woodstovefire. Recently I’ve seen articles about some of the following things that homeowners have done or things that have happened to them.

House Fire

  • Ashes stored in a plastic trashcan melted it causing a home fire.
  • An ash bucket set on dry leaves next to a home ignited the home causing a fire.
  • To keep warm, one family lit barbeque briquettes in their fireplace with the damper closed and ended up with carbon monoxide poisioning.
  • A lady lit her living room fireplace thinking it was connected to the chimney on the other side of the home. The fireplace was in fact closed off, resulting in a house fire.
  • When I was out of electricity last winter it was suggested to me by a relative to move my outdoor firepit into my home for heat (Thank God I knew better!).
  • A family dog shoved an inflatable mattress into the gas log fireplace causing a home fire.

There are many things that people do who are not knowledgeable about fireplaces and woodstoves. Don’t ever assume they know what they are doing. If you see inappropriate containers, storage, combustibles next to the fireplace or chimney don’t assume they’ve been warned. By speaking up you will end up saving their lives.

2010 Lindeman Chimney Supply

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