Modern Chimney Cleaning Equipment From Lindemann Chimney Supply


Here at Lindemann Chimney Supply we carry leading edge chimney cleaning equipment. The Viper is our most popular cleaning unit and is uniquely designed for the true professional. One continuous rod is coiled inside the Viper and is under pressure. A hand break helps control it, letting it smoothly uncoil when cleaning. It should always be used in the upright position or in the lying position. Several Viper Star Brushes can be carried on the side of the Viper. Only the Viper Star or Regular Viper Brushes should be used with this unit. The Viper features a 65′ long by 9 mm diameter rod. We also stock the Viper Repair Kit which includes a 9 mm rod end, tiny Allen nut and key.


The Viper

The Handy Viper is a smaller version of the Viper. It clips to your belt or can be held in your hand. It’s ideal for small to medium sized chimneys and is commonly used in cleaning factory-built chimneys. It features a freewheel brake and can be precisely adjusted for optimal performance. It includes a 65′ long by 7 mm rod. We also stock the Handy Viper Repair Kit which includes a 7 mm rod end, a tiny Allen nut and key.


The Handy Viper

The Mini-Viper is great for cleaning dryer and pellet vents, gas flue pipes and ventilation ducts. It’s well suited for tight bends or offsets. It features a hand brake, a folding handle and can be clipped to a belt. The rod is 4.5 mm diameter and 50′ long. It weighs just 2.5 pounds. We also stock the Mini-Viper Repair Kit which includes a stainless steel end piece, screws and an Allen wrench.


The Mini-Viper for cleraning dryer vents

Whatever your cleaning needs, we’ve got you covered with the Viper. Time tested and proven.

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