Mason’s Line, Block and Tongs – Timesavers


In our chimney sweep business, Lindemann Chimney Service, we do a lot of repair work and have found these tools to be extremely important in our work. When tuckpointing chimneys and fireplaces a Masons Line is important to use to keep your rows straight and level. This makes for quick and easy alignment of brick, block and stone.


Mason’s Line and Wood Line Block

It consists of 150-pound nylon and wont unravel if accidentally poked by a trowel. Not affected by moisture or dryness. These premium Marshalltown Wood Line Blocks work in conjunction with the Marshalltown Fluorescent Yellow Masons Line. The line is 250′ long and is used to correctly lay a plumb, level and square row of brick.


Brick Tongs

One of the hassles of laying brick and block is carrying the brick. The Marshalltown Brick Tongs can be quickly adjusted to carry six to ten bricks at a time. This makes it handy for any job where you are laying brick or making repairs.

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