HY-C Chimney Caps – An American Success Story


Lindemann Chimney Supply would like to introduce you to an American success story – our leading chimney cap manufacturer, industry innovators, long-time friends and vendor, HY-C Company. Alan Hisey founded HY-C COMPANY in 1947 in Saint Louis, Missouri. Their first product was an aluminum chimney cover manufactured in Mr. Hiseys garage. HY-C is still owned by the family; currently the third and fourth generations are working in the business. Today the facilities have expanded from the garage to an entire city block just north of downtown Saint Louis, plus an auxiliary warehouse in south Saint Louis.


HY-C’s Custom Copper Cap

HY-Cs first customers were homeowners serviced by Mr.Hiseys contracting business. They needed chimney repairs and were sold a chimney cover to prevent or postpone future expenses. HY-C continued to make and sell several models of knocked-down aluminum chimney covers until 1980. At that time the market was changing and consumers were demanding assembled covers that were more substantial. In 1980 the company manufactured its first assembled, black-painted, galvanized chimney cover. A few years later HY-C added the same covers made out of stainless steel. Today they have the capabilities of producing several custom-made covers designed to fit unique or unusual situations.Over time several items were added to the chimney cover line as demand grew, but the company manufactured just one product line -chimney covers.

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HY-C’s Innovative Animal Screen

In the late 1990s HY-C made the decision to diversify into other product lines to help grow the business. In 1998 they began manufacturing a line of tubular log racks. In the spring of 1999, HY-C purchased the stoveboard product line from GSW/Jackes-Evans. At the beginning of 2001, they purchased the assets of Liberty Foundry, which added cast iron fireplace grates and other accessories such as andirons and steamer kettles. HY-C is a market leader in all the product lines that they manufacture. They take pride in the quality of their products and the breadth of selection within their product lines.

Hy-C Stoveboard

HY-C’s Grey Tile Stoveboard

Mr. Hisey was a Charter member of and a vital financial resource in the founding of the National Chimney Sweep Guild. HY-C has been a member of the Hearth, Patio & Barbeque Association since 1980 and the American Hardware Manufacturers Association since 1983. HY-C is a member of several state and local business organizations. The company is also involved with local not for profit community service organizations.

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