Empty buckets make chimney relining easier


At Lindemann Chimney Supply, we like to pass along installation tips to make your job easier – like this chimney relining tip. Do you find it annoying and troublesome to slide stainless steel wire mesh around an insulated stainless steel liner? Well, heres a tip that should make your job easier. Tom Stave, of Relionus Services, and Chris Holland, of Georgia Chimney Services, were in our warehouse one day and asked if they could wrap a liner here before they took off to do the liner installation at a customer’s home. Of course, I said yes and here is what I observed.


Chamber-Tech 2000

They were wrapping 25′ of 9″ 316Ti Ventinox Liner. They cut the ProFoil Insulation to size, adhered it to the liner using 3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive. Then I saw Tom grab an empty Chamber Tech 2000 Bucket, so I had to ask, What are you doing with that? I bet you might know what Tom said, watch and learn, as Chris laughed. He cut the bottom off the bucket, stretched the stainless steel ProMesh over the bucket, then he slid the bucket over one end of the wrapped liner. Chris said, watch this, as he held onto an end of the ProFoil. Tom then slid the bucket down the entire length of the liner and the ProMesh was on in a snap. Boy did they make it look simple.

The Chamber Tech 2000 bucket worked perfect on 9″ liner. We carry all kinds of product in buckets. So remember, the next time you have an empty bucket, don’t discard it. Use it. Your next liner job will be easier.


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