Easy on the Shoulder Ladder Pads


At Lindemann Chimney Supply we like to pass on products that have made our work easier in our chimney service business, Lindemann Chimney Service. Here’s a gadget you won’t want to be without. The Permanent Mount Shoulder Pad makes carrying ladders easy on the shoulder.Our service company has been using these and absolutely love them!


They are waterproof and lightweight, weigh less than 2-ounces. They conform to the shoulder and have excellent vibration and shock absorbency qualities. They fit most standard ladders with rails. 13 1/2″ long X 2 7/8″ wide by 15/16″ thick. Assembly is easy. Just peeland stick.

We know how it can be to haul ladders in and out of the truck and to the chimney day in and day out. We are happy to pass along anything that can make work easier for your fellow sweeps.

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