Creosote Busters for Chimney Sweeps – Chemicals


At Lindeman Chimney Supply we carry a variety of products to make your chimney cleaning job easier. Lets face it. Every chimney is just a little bit different. And homeowners burning habits can vary from house to house. So what may work for one customer may not be adequate for the guy down the street.

If the chimney cleans up well but you want to provide your customer with a maintenance product to make sweeping even easier then we have three products available to you.

Stage One is a powder that the homeowner spreads around the logs and in the firebox. It’s a catalyst that when combined with heat breaks down creosote to make it more brushable. It’s great for ongoing maintenance

Stage Two and Anti-Creosote are liquid sprays that can be sprayed in the firebox and on the wood. These chemicals tend to be pretty popular because they are easy to use. They are great maintenance products and can also help make creosote more brushable.

If you are dealing with nasty third-degree creosote then it’s important that the homeowner doesn’t have a fire. Whether it is heat from the fire or an errant spark, a chimney fire can still ignite with the above products in the flue. Instead, use one of the chemicals or mechanical means, below.

Stage Three is a very strong chemical that should be sprayed into the flue via an applicator. But first, the creosote has to be roughed up so the chemical can get past the first layer. Then the chemical has to sit for a few weeks. Multiple applications may be required.


Creaway is a unique fine powder chemical that can be applied two ways. A 1 pound squeeze bottle is available that can be applied from below. It’s very important that an updraft is first established to carry the chemical up the flue. For chimney sweeps, a professional applicator is availablefor those jobs when the chemical needs to be applied heavily to be effective. Creaway is the best solution for that tarry sticky creosote. It can take 1-2 weeks for the chemical to work.

These chemicals don’t replace the need for chimney sweeping. In fact, with heavier build-ups mechanical tools are often needed to clean off the third-degree creosote. Our next blog will address some of these heavy-duty cleaning tools.

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