Comments (0) If It’s Broke, Fix It Now!


At Lindemann Chimney Supply we are always thinking ahead. Forget summer! We are thinking of preparations for fall right now. Our chimney supply product inventory is evaluated, systems refined and anything that’s broke gets fixed. Even if it’s not broke it gets evaluated. Here is a helpful check list to give you some ideas to keep you and your chimney sweep or hearth businessfrom falling forward during the busy season.

  • Check the tires for tread wear/cracking/etc.
  • Have that oil change with a premium inspection.
  • Fix any problems that will cause you time in the fall – broken lock, that missing bolt, the duct tape that’s holding it together…(don’t forget to have plenty of duct tape for those unforeseen situations)
  • Check your vac motor brushes for wear. If you’ve never replaced them your vac may be loosing power or making a funny noise. At least order some to have on hand.
  • Inspect your vacuum hose. Look for pinholes or other damage that may lead to repairs or replacement.
  • Make your job more efficient. Minimize trips in and out. Take photos of the home, yard, etc., for future repairs and bidding.
  • Solve office challenges now. Old computer? Time to upgrade. Put systems in place. Create goals for fall.
  • Are your employees fully trained? Is there more that someone could do to take more pressure off of you? Train them now.
  • Do certain employees have conflicts or are there unresolved issues with employees? Don’t let it wait and build up. Discuss this with them now.
  • Evaluate your marketing. Do you need to add your website and Facebook sites to your business cards and invoices?
  • Have you tried and implemented new tools and products? How about education and the CSIA classes and certification?
  • Need to hire more help? Start looking now.
  • Scheduled yourself off for a vacation? Even if it’s a “staycation” schedule some time aside to spend with your family.

The busy season doesn’t have to be painful. By making preparations and anticipating issues and solving them ahead of time it will be a lot easier on you and your employees.

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