Cleaning Soot From Gas Logs


Does your customer have problems with sooting on their gas logs? If the answer is yes, there could be a couple of common problems. The most common issue is when the “brother-in-law” comes for Thanksgiving and rearranges the logs.


Before treatment

Gas log sets are tested and designed to be burnt a certain way. If the logs are vent-free logs then the log arrangement should never be changed. In the case of vented gas logs, the top logs can usually be arranged different ways. You need to consult the log manufacturers instructions for specifics.

The customer needs to understand that the logs need to avoid being touched by the flame tips. When this happens it’s called flame impingement and causes blackening of the logs and excessive sooting.


After treatment

Other causes of sooting can be that theliquid propane tank is getting low, or maybe the grade of propane might have changed. Draft can also certainly play a role in log sooting.


We have a product to help clean up the logs.ACS Gas Log & Carbon Soot Remover works great for clearing up soot on gas logs. Simply spray it on the logs while burning hot and watch the carbon and soot build-up disperse. Not for use on white birch log sets. It is easy to use and cleans up logs in a snap!

Note:Always consult the manufacturer’s installation instructions or contact them for trouble-shooting information on any gas log problem.

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