Chimney Liners at Lindemann Chimney Supply


At Lindemann Chimney Supply, we believe in giving you lots of choices and when it comes to chimney liners we have a wide variety of types and brands. We carry Ventinox, Dura-Vent, Heat-Fab, Flexi-Liner, Chim-Flex, BestFlex and can special order custom oval and rectangular liners as well as components.

Ventinox is available in 316Ti VFT and AL 29-4C VG Stainless liners. The 316Ti VFT is for all fuels and the AL 29-4C is a special type of stainless steel for gas burning applications. These liners can be ovalized in our warehouse.


Ventinox Liners

Dura-Vent is available in 316Ti in DuraFlex Pro and DuraFlex SW. The DuraFlex Pro is for all fuels and the DuraFlex SW is used primarily for gas and oil applications.

Heat-Fab Rigid Liners is stocked in 304 stainless steel for wood and wood pellet applications. 316 is available via special order.

Flexi-Liner is an aluminum flexible liner used for Category I non-condensing appliances. This liner comes compressed in a box and needs to be stretched before installing.

Chim-Flex is available in 316L and aluminmum. The 316L is an all fuels liner and the aluminum liner is specifically used with direct-vent gas and the HomeStyle direct-vent gas caps.

BestFlex is available in a wide range or types and configurations. The 316Ti corrugated liner is an all fuel liner and can be custom ovalized right in our warehouse. 316Ti SmoothWall is primarily for gas and oil applications. The Heavy Wall 304 BestFlex is primarily for woodburning applications.Type 316 Round Heavy Wall and customer square and oval heavy liners can be drop-shipped from the manufacturer.

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