Chimney Caps for Smoking Fireplaces and Woodstoves


If your customer is having problems with smoke backing up from their chimney into the roomtheVacu-Stack may cure the problem. Manufactured by ICP, the Vacu-Stack has been made in the United States for over three decades. Constructed of 26-gauge, 304 stainless steel, it eliminates wind-related backpuffing problems. Obstacles such as large trees or buildings can deflect wind down the flue pushing smoke into the home. When the wind hits it, the draft is increased in proportion to the wind speed.


Regular Vacu-Stack

We also carry the Vacu-Stack for Air-Cooled Chimney. It features two collars that allows air between the inner and outer wall of the pipe to circulate, yet prevents moisture from entering between the pipe walls. Bird Screens are available for each style of cap. Both Vacu-Stacks feature a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Vacu-Stack for Air-Cooled Chimney

Keep in mind that these caps won’t cure every draft problem like anair-tight home, chimney/fireplace location,improper construction and other situations that are not related to wind blowing directly down the flue.

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