• The Energy Top Damper – A Great Way to Save!

    The Energy Top Damper is a great way to save your customer money. Its easy to install and provides huge savings on energy dollars. In fact, they usually recoup the cost within 1-3 years. Its a win-win situation. The Energy Top has a soft, pliable rubber gasket seal much like the seal on a refrigerator. It is attached to the frame and actually compresses and conforms to the lid, forming a strong flexible barrier to the outside elements. No other damper on the market has this type of seal. Other dampers either don't have a gasket or have a flat rubber gasket. With the Energy Top gasket, keeping heated or cooled paid air in is now easier and more efficient than ever. The Energy Top includes installation instructions, mounting adhesive, 30' cable, f…

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  • Top Sealing Chimney Dampers and Bees

    At US Fireplace Products we like to keep you informed of interesting industry related events. I recently came across this link where the queen bee flew down a fireplace flue and into the house. Of course the hive followed her. An Energy Top Damper would have prevented a situation like this. Here's just another reason for your customer to purchase an Energy Top from you. Click here to see this article and video. …

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  • Important Strategies for Your Chimney & Hearth Business

    Here we are at the start of a new year and our Staff at Lindemann Chimney Supply want to wish you a safe and successful one. What worked for your chimney sweeping or hearth business last year? Do you need to do something better next year? Here are some brief and to the point ideas for today's ever changing world. You are more visible than ever before because of the internet (Facebook, Twitter, webpages, Angie's List, etc). Address problems immediately and be careful what you post on the net. Persistence pays off. Don't give up on your dreams and turn mistakes into lessons. Make sure you are available to your employees and that they feel comfortable talking to you even if they don't agree. Empower your employees to make good decisions. Pla…

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