The Energy Top Damper – A Great Way to Save!

The Energy Top Damper is a great way to save your customer money. Its easy to install and provides huge savings on energy dollars. In fact, they usually recoup the cost within 1-3 years. Its a win-win situation. The Energy Top has a soft, pliable rubber gasket seal much like the seal on a refrigerator. […]

Top Sealing Chimney Dampers and Bees

At US Fireplace Products we like to keep you informed of interesting industry related events. I recently came across this link where the queen bee flew down a fireplace flue and into the house. Of course the hive followed her. An Energy Top Damper would have prevented a situation like this. Here’s just another reason […]

Expect the Unexpected with Ladders

At  US Fireplace Products we like to pass along tips to chimney sweeps and hearth professionals. A friend of mine decided to check his gutters because of the recent heavy rains we’ve had. He has an office job and his knowledge with ladders is somewhat limited. To make a long story short, he took a tumble […]

Veteran’s Day Salute

To Our Veterans from the past and present, Thanks from everyone at US Fireplace Products for your sacrifices. Time spent away from families, rough conditions, life-changing moments, the sacrifices you made and still make every day. You are our heroes! – From Everyone at US Fireplace Products

What would you do?

Joethanks the homeowner and leaves through the front door. The tools are packed. This was the hardest job of the day. It’s 5:30 and the office just called. Mrs. Smith has an emergency – her fireplace is smoking – and they want him tohelp her. Last year Mrs. Smith hired the$30 sweep because she didn’t […]

Skamol Factory-Built Fireplace Replacement Panels

US Fireplace Products carries Skamol factory-built fireplace replacement panels because we know they work. In fact, our sweep company, Lindemann Chimney Service installs Skamol Panels whenever we find damaged prefab fireplace panels. “Skamolex panels give great flexibility for replacing panels in prefab fireplaces. Just cut on the job with a saw or grinder and fit to […]

Thankful – by Rob Lindemann

Thanks to all our loyal customers. Without you we do not exist. We are thankful for your business as well as your friendship. Thanksgiving is a great time to stop and thank someone for what they do or who they are. Earlier this year our Illinois office had a special day for the office staff […]

Never Assume

Never assume your customer knows what they are doing when having a fireplace or woodstovefire. Recently I’ve seen articles about some of the following things that homeowners have done or things that have happened to them. Ashes stored in a plastic trashcan melted it causing a home fire. An ash bucket set on dry leaves […]

Shortcut for Installing Pipe

What’s the best shortcut to use when installing pipe? If you are going to install pipe, be sure to use this Auto Laser Centering device. It makes installingfactory-built pipe, B-Vent,pellet ventand Direct Ventinstallations a breeze. Simply insertthe correct collar sizeinto the stove collar using the appropriate adapter andturn on the laser. Centerthe red laser markon […]

Cleaning Soot From Gas Logs

Does your customer have problems with sooting on their gas logs? If the answer is yes, there could be a couple of common problems. The most common issue is when the “brother-in-law” comes for Thanksgiving and rearranges the logs. Before treatment Gas log sets are tested and designed to be burnt a certain way. If […]

Easy on the Shoulder Ladder Pads

At Lindemann Chimney Supply we like to pass on products that have made our work easier in our chimney service business, Lindemann Chimney Service. Here’s a gadget you won’t want to be without. The Permanent Mount Shoulder Pad makes carrying ladders easy on the shoulder.Our service company has been using these and absolutely love them! […]

Dumb and Dangerous Things People Do When Burning Wood

At Lindemann Chimney Supply, we like to pass along things that are learned either by us or by other people we know. We also pass along things we read about. Sometimes it’s hard to get through to someone just how dumb and dangerous it is to not only ignore fire codes but to throwcommon sense […]

Chimney Caps for Smoking Fireplaces and Woodstoves

If your customer is having problems with smoke backing up from their chimney into the roomtheVacu-Stack may cure the problem. Manufactured by ICP, the Vacu-Stack has been made in the United States for over three decades. Constructed of 26-gauge, 304 stainless steel, it eliminates wind-related backpuffing problems. Obstacles such as large trees or buildings can […]

The Importance of Taking Chimney and Fireplace Photos

The web is a wonderful place to get information. However, most people know to take what they read with a grain of salt. If you Google fireplace, chimney, woodstove, you will find all kinds of information by people who claim to be “experts”. As you probably know, a lot of this information is incorrect. Today’s […]

Masonry Trowels for Every Use

At Lindemann Chimney Supply, we carry products that our service company, Lindemann Chimney Service, uses on a daily basis. We know what chimney sweep and hearth professionals need since we are out in the trenches just like you. Masonry work calls for top notch tools and Marshalltown is the premium masonry tool manufacturer. Philadelphia Style […]

Tuckpointing Tools for Chimney and Fireplace Repairs

When it comes to repairing mortar joints we have just the tools and materials to make your repair work easier. We carry three sizes of Marshalltown Tuck Pointers for retuckpointing mortar joints whether in fireplace fireboxes or chimneys: 1/4″ X 6 1/2″, 3/8″ X 6 3/4″, 5/8″ X 6 3/4″. Match thetuck pointer you need […]

Mason’s Line, Block and Tongs – Timesavers

In our chimney sweep business, Lindemann Chimney Service, we do a lot of repair work and have found these tools to be extremely important in our work. When tuckpointing chimneys and fireplaces a Masons Line is important to use to keep your rows straight and level. This makes for quick and easy alignment of brick, […]

A Christmas Story

I heard an amazing story the other day. A young man was dating a gal around 14 years old. He was about the same age. It was an exciting time. They cherished each others company, did fun things together and were growing closer by the day. They were in love, they even talked about getting […]

Word of Mouth Referrals – Doing It Right

It’s a proven fact that people will listen to other people before they will listen to a manufacturer or a company. That’s why sites such as Angie’s List have popped up. In fact, Consumer’s Digest and other similar magazines have been around for years testing products as an “unbiased” party. That’s why referrals are so […]

Marshalltown Masonry Finishing tools

At Lindemann Chimney Supply we sell you all of the tools to do the job. Repairing a At Lindemann Chimney Supply we know how important it is to use quality tools. Our sister company, Lindemann Chimney Service, does a lot of masonry repair work and Marshalltown Masonry Tools is what we use. Finishing the masonry […]

Important Strategies for Your Chimney & Hearth Business

Here we are at the start of a new year and our Staff at Lindemann Chimney Supply want to wish you a safe and successful one. What worked for your chimney sweeping or hearth businesslast year? Do you need to do something better next year? Here are some brief and to the point ideas for […]

EXHAUSTO Chimney Fans Name Changes to ENERVEX

At Lindemann Chimney Supply we strive to keep you up-to-date. What was onceEXHAUSTO Chimney Fans has now become ENERVEX Chimney Fans, effective January 1, 2011. The name change is designed to better reflect the depth and breadth of the companys energy-efficient product offerings as it positions itself for future growth. For 25 years, the EXHAUSTO […]

Lindemann Chimney Supply carries The Chimney and Hearth Pro’s Resource Book

At Lindemann Chimney Supply we value education. Whether you are a new or a long-time chimney sweep we believe you can benefit from industry experience. Veteran chimney business owner Marge Padgitt has written a new book for hearth and chimney professionals called The Chimney and Hearth Pros Resource Book. After designing a myriad of forms, […]

Modern Chimney Cleaning Equipment From Lindemann Chimney Supply

Here at Lindemann Chimney Supply we carry leading edge chimney cleaning equipment. The Viper is our most popular cleaning unit and is uniquely designed for the true professional. One continuous rod is coiled inside the Viper and is under pressure. A hand break helps control it, letting it smoothly uncoil when cleaning. It should always […]

Lindemann Chimney Cap Closeouts – Get ’em While They Last

Start Off Your New Year With A Ca-Ching$!! Save money with our cap closeoutdiscounts on Chim-Caps,Gelco Easy-Clean and ICPStormshieldChimney Caps from our Atlanta Georgia location.To contact this location call 866-450-3111 or email Josh by clicking here. Once these caps are gone – they are gone. So first come – first served! Note: The Double Cap, […]

Avoid the Flu While Checking the Flue

As a chimney and hearth professionals our work takes us into several homes a day. Whether it’s a chimney cleaning, chimney relining, gas fireplace installation or other type of work entering a home can expose you to many types of flue viruses. With the H1N1 still alive and well (unfortunatley) and other potentially deadly viruses […]

Special Blowout Prices on Chimney Sweep Tools and Supplies

For a limited time we are having a special blowout sale on the following chimney sweeping tools and supplies. In fact, this sale is so good it’s Too hot to touch!! These products are stocked in our Atlanta Warehouse and must be ordered and shipped from that location.

Great Deals on Dura-Vent Liners Through Lindemann Chimney Supply

Have we got a deal for you! Our Lindemann Chimney Supply Atlanta location needs to movestock to open up room for new products. For a limited time we are having a sale on theseDura-Vent Chimney Liners: DuraFlex Pro (formerly FasNFlex); DuraFlex SW (formerly FasNSmooth) and DuraFlex Aluminum Liners. See the photos and pricing, below. Prices […]

Hiring Practices for Chimney and Hearth Professionals

Owning and operating a chimney sweep or hearth company carries a lot of responsibility including the potential for liability, exposure, and financial issues to name a few. It is not an easy thing to create or to balance. Being a chimney sweep is also a physically demanding job. For all of the stress of ownership […]

Hot Prices on Select Gas Logs, Square R-Co Surrounds and More at Lindemann!

Get them while they’re hot! Red hot! For a limited time we have select Rasmussen Gas Logs, Square R-Co Surrounds and more to clear room for new products. These items are available only from our Atlanta location while they last. To order, call them at 866-450-3111 or email Josh by clicking here. Miscellaneous Products

Hope to connect with you at the NCSG Show!

I hope you have managed to stay safe throughout this last series of storms. Travelling to the National Chimney Sweep Guild’s 2011 Convention may also be a challenge. If you are planning on coming, please stop and visit my staff and I during the trade show portion of the convention. We will be in booth […]

National Wear Red Day – Heart Health

Here at Lindemann Chimney Supply we like to pass along helpful information when it comes to your health. Today isNational Wear Red Day, when you can wear red to show your support for women’s heart disease awareness.To learn more about heart disease and the warning signs, click here.

Social Media – A Fad?

Is your chimney sweeping or hearth business involved in social media? Is social media a fad? Check out the statistics. Erik Qualman, author of Socialnomics points out: Years to reach 50 million users:Radio 38 yearsTV 13 yearsInternet 4 yearsI–pod 3 yearsFacebook added 100 million users in less than 9 months. The first thing I do […]

Website Info – To Believe or Not Believe What You Read

If you do a search on how to clean yourchimney, what are the odds that the information will be correct? As the Internet boomed, consumers have been bombarded with an information overload. What websites or ads do they believe? Anybody can put content out there, but what are you to believe? The consumer is more […]

Lindemann Chimney Supply Sponsors Feed My Starving Children Event

Lindemann Chimney Supply, along with East Lake Academy in Northern Chicago is sponsoring a Feed My Starving Children Mobile Pack Event. During this event 10,000 “Manna Pack” meals that are nutritionally formulated for starving children will be hand-packed with volunteer help. Each meal costs only .19 cents. The event will be held on March 12th […]

Preparing for spring animal chimney invaders

Spring is just around the corner and at Lindemann Chimney Supply we have you covered. Whether it’s single-flue or multi-flue chimney caps, chimney screens or chimney top dampers we are stocked and can provide you with what you need! Chimney caps are available in three finishes: black galvanized, stainless steel or copper. We have single […]

Growing your chimney cleaning business

Whether you are a one man chimney cleaning show by design or not, there are a couple of reasons why you might consider expanding. Firstly, there will come a day when you will not be able to do what you do. Youre body will say “Im done”. If this happens before you have stashed away […]

Empty buckets make chimney relining easier

At Lindemann Chimney Supply, we like to pass along installation tips to make your job easier – like this chimney relining tip. Do you find it annoying and troublesome to slide stainless steel wire mesh around an insulated stainless steel liner? Well, heres a tip that should make your job easier. Tom Stave, of Relionus […]

Vacu-Stacks: A solution to wind related down drafts

Here at Lindemann Chimney Supply we carry a great solution for wind related down-drafts that can cause smoking fireplaces or woodstoves when the conditions are right. The Vacu-Stack, manufactured by ICP, has been made in the United States for over three decades. Constructed of 26-gauge, 304 stainless steel, it eliminates wind-related backpuffing problems. Obstacles such […]

Have You Been Reading?

Ive been writing blogs and articles about the many different things Ive learned over the years. Even as CEO of Lindemann Chimney Suppy, I do not pretend to be a scholar or the next greatest American entrepreneur. I am just a guy that woke up one day and found myself rubbing my shoulders with a […]

Chimney Liners at Lindemann Chimney Supply

At Lindemann Chimney Supply, we believe in giving you lots of choices and when it comes to chimney liners we have a wide variety of types and brands. We carry Ventinox, Dura-Vent, Heat-Fab, Flexi-Liner, Chim-Flex, BestFlex and can special order custom oval and rectangular liners as well as components. Ventinox is available in 316Ti VFT […]

Chimney Sweeping is Changing

The start to the chimney cleaning portion of our sister company – Lindemann Chimney Service – started when my father bought his first August West System in 1979. I remember the day when the equipment arrived. Im certain he did not read the instructions. He just firedup the vacuum and began cleaning our fireplace. Next […]

Win an Enervex Smart Car!

At Lindemann Chimney Supply we want to tell you about every opportunity availabe because we appreciate the fact that you purchase your chimney supplies from us. Here is a photo of the Evervex Smart Car (formerly Exhausto), manufacturer of chimney fans that will be given away. The photo was taken yesterday at the HPB (Hearth, […]

New Masonry Chimney Relining Seminar

At Lindemann Chimney Supply we strive to keep you abreast of industry happenings. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) has just rolled out an online Masonry Chimney Lining Course featuring three stainless steel relining jobs. One installation features a wood burning insert reline, then an open fireplace reline, and a gas liner sizing and […]

U.S. Fireplace Products Exhibits at HPB Expo

At Lindemann Chimney Supply we like to keep you informed. Here’s a photo of Josh May, belowleft, and Chris Dattilo, below right, of U.S. Fireplace Products at the HPBA Expo. Featured energy saving chimney top dampers are the Seal Tight, Energy Top, Energy Top Plus and The Top Damper. Chris has personally assembled over 70,000 […]

ChimneySaver Special at Lindemann Chimney Supply

At Lindemann Chimney Supply we have a special for you on water-basedChimneySaver waterproofing. Order a five gallon container from Lindemann and receive a six gallon container at no extra charge! Since each gallon covers an average of 80-120 square feet per gallon think of the extra profit you will make in square footage. To take […]

ChimneySaver Special at Lindemann Chimney Supply

At Lindemann Chimney Supply we have a special for you on water-basedChimneySaver waterproofing. Order a five gallon container from Lindemann and receive a six gallon container at no extra charge! Since each gallon covers an average of 80-120 square feet per gallon think of the extra profit you will make in square footage. To take […]

Tips for painting a woodstove and stovepipe

At Lindemann Chimney Supply, we like to pass on helpful information to you. If your customers has a woodstove or stovepipe that needs painted, whether it’s to give it a facelift or whether it’s a total room makeover, here are some painting tips we want to share with you: Stove paint will only stick to […]

Talking Your Customer’s Language

Have you ever noticed that when trying to explain the condition of your customers chimney, when all of a sudden their eyes start to glaze over and they get this funny look on their face? Well guess what? Theyve checked out! Its tough to remember to translate the everyday technical terms that you use into […]

Patching a Fireplace Firebox

If your customer has an opening in their masonry firebox that’s too thick for regular fireplace mortar then Lindemann Chimney Supply has just the solution! UseRutland Fireplace Patch when fireplace mortar is too thin or maybe a partial firebrick is missing and you need to pack this thicker area. It can be packed into areas […]

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