About Us

About Us

“U.S. Fireplace has years of background experience in chimney sweeping, maintenance and repair as well as over 100 years of combined damper design and manufacturing. This has served us well and led us to create a blueprint of premium fireplace dampers that seal tighter, are easy to use, yet aesthetically pleasing. We are so confident that our premium products are built to last year after year that we back them up with our Lifetime Warranty.” -Rob Lindemann, CEO

Just Plain Better

Fifty years is a long time to be in any industry. But when you feel strongly that you can improve the performance of fundamental industry products, you go for it. That’s why after years of field testing and professional feedback, we are confident that our top-mount fireplace dampers are the best in the world.

Bragging Rights

Let’s face it—making dampers isn’t the sexiest job around, but it’s an important one. It is the innovative design of our dampers that makes them better functioning and more efficient. But there’s something else at work here—pride. Family pride, pride in the work we do, pride in the guys on the production line. With a lifetime warranty and our name on the final product, what else would you expect?

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